ARTIST SPOTLIGHT | Simon Ouwerkerk

DETAIL “Spectral Bond” | graphite, gouache, pastel on paper 74”x79” • Courtesy of the Artist, Amy Myers



I construct my sculptures by accumulation. The toy sculptures started with the idea of preserving my friend’s son’s toys. For me, the toy represents the essence of creativity. As children we play with toys to express and develop our creative minds. As an artist, I never grew up out of that phase. The toy is a packet of creativity conceived and designed by artists and played with by curious young minds. When the toys are accumulated together, they form abstract shapes that often, from a distance appear not to be formed from toys. Like looking at a crowd of people from afar, the viewer sees large shapes of color. When the viewer gets closer, the toys reveal themselves one by one, possibly triggering memories of childhood or ideas of preserving memories. The toys are held together by tying each toy to one another with wire or monofilament, thereby, creating a sence of temporary security, like a well tided down valuable cargo in the bed of a pickup truck. On one hand the toys are well scured to each other, on the other hand, the toys could be freed on a monents notice by cutting the ties."

Simon Ouwerkerk