Encompassing a futuristic amalgam of abstraction and landscape, Andy Moses continues to explore the natural world not to replicate imagery but to mimic nature itself.  The enigmatic pieces with manipulated surfaces and alchemical reactions evoke a sense of dynamic movement capturing the viewer with a sense of pulsation and tension of the mysteriousness and the unknown below the surface.   He has developed his work over decades and it has ranged from being extremely monochromatic to working with paint and color in extremely complex and varied ways, with the notion of physically transmuting one type of material existence into another through keen and relentless observation and understanding of nature’s forces.

"I have always been interested in fractal like patterns that exist in nature, those that repeat on a wide range of scales though never precisely the same. These types of patterns simultaneously suggest both the interconnectedness and complexities of nature."


Andy Moses lives and works in Venice, CA. His paintings are included in a number of prominent public and private collections including the Laguna Art Museum and the Fredrick R Weisman Museum.